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  • Don’t miss our new show at the Fringe

    Don’t miss HEATHER in Edinburgh

    In collaboration with Paul Jellis, the Bush Theatre and Tobacco Factory Theatres, we are bringing HEATHER to the Edinburgh Fringe, followed by a UK tour and culminating in a run at the Bush in London.

    HEATHER is a short, sharp play about language, prejudice and storytelling that poses the question ‘what matters more, the story or the storyteller?’

    We first presented an earlier version of Heather a few years ago in Bristol and Glasgow and we’re thrilled that now, with the help of the Arts Council, the Bush and the Tobacco Factory, it’s been fully developed and will be able to show off it’s full potential! We think it’s a fascinating show that you’re going to really enjoy talking about afterwards. And if you know any Harry Potter fans, we think they’ll particularly enjoy it…

    The previous version got a great reception, and now it’s even better…

    ★★★★★ “Eccleshare leads us into a brilliantly contrived quagmire of uncomfortable issues where self-deception jostles with conscience and the moral high ground slips further out of reach”    the Herald

    ★★★★ “a thrilling exploration of evil, identity and creativity, performed with terrific power and concentration…deep, thought-provoking, moving and beautifully sustained, by two fine actors pushing themselves to the limit”    the Scotsman

    “a brave, enquiring play that seeks to ask big questions of its audience in a short space of time: a piece of tiny dynamite from a writer to watch.”    Theatre Bristol

    We really hope you can catch it somewhere. And as always, let us know what you think after!


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  • “You should know better than anyone Greta that death is not that simple.” #Heather


  • “You knew that if you came to visit me you would find something you didn’t like.” #Heather


  • “I’m afraid you’re right. I’m afraid they will find me eventually. I’m afraid once they do they might not like me.” #Heather


  • 📆The countdown begins! First day of rehearsals for #Heather before we come up to#edfringe and @Summerhallery


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  • Itching to get started on #Heather rehearsals next week for our @edfringe run @Summerhallery - it’s gonna be a goooood one 🤸🏾‍♂️


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  • Starting rehearsals for #Heather today with our newest DB team member 😄👪 https://t.co/kq8Qxm85ox


  • Our new production, HEATHER by @teccleshare has been shortlisted for the KSF Award 😃👊🔥 https://t.co/RvwmoYs8YJ


  • #Hamilton tickets for OPENING NIGHT! https://t.co/N7BrZkxzAw


  • @matttrueman partly cos it costs more to commission a show from DB than a script from eg @teccleshare which they can then choose to produce?


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Thomas’s new play, directed by Valentina is a short, sharp play about language, prejudice and the power of stories. Opening at Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe, it then tours the UK before a run at the Bush Theatre in London.

DECEMBER: Rapunzel

Don’t miss our fresh twist on the Grimm (pony-)tale this Christmas at the Cambridge Junction.


Perle is going to China as part of the Caravan international showcase in Shanghai!