Dancing Brick

Thumbelina’s Great Big Adventure is an action-packed family show for people of all sizes! Full of iconic characters and accompanied by a live, original soundtrack, it tells the story of an intrepid (thumb-sized) young woman making her way out of her granny’s window and into the big, bad world.

While keeping all of the heart and imagination of the Hans-Christian Anderson original, our version of the story has a modern twist, with cabaret-performing mice, barbershop fish, biker beetles and a gangster mole.


The whole show is performed by just four talented actors who weave their way in and out of a cute gingerbread-style house using imaginative, delightfully oversized props…

A tale of adventure and love, it has you gripped from the word go and each scene is made all the more magical by evocative music, from beating drums to a soft pan flute…
It is a fun, creative performance, full of surprises, and is sure to touch the hearts of even the most cynical pantomime critics.

The icing on the enchanting experience – complete with sprinkling snow – came when I heard a young boy tell his dad as he left: “Daddy I want to be Thumbelina”.

Cambridge Evening News

Thumbelina’s Great Big Adventure is an absolute delight from start to finish. With an ensemble cast of just four actors and musicians who play a huge range of different roles, including humans, larger-than-life animals and insects, the play makes creative use of the small stage space, managing to communicate the nature of Thumbelina’s adventure as a tiny person in a big, scary world to even the youngest members of the audience.

The music is fantastic, time flies by and the small, intimate atmosphere of the theatre, plus the way that the actors interact with and move around in the audience, makes it a really special theatrical experience, a real cut above the usual children’s theatre.

Cambridge Edition

The cast work effortlessly together to construct the adventures of Thumbelina; as an audience we are truly captured by the visions of Valentina Ceschi and Thomas Eccleshare who allow our imaginations to swell as we are dazzled by their hand-crafted theatrics. Dancing Brick strive for visual magic and the results they achieve are suitably remarkable…

Thumbelina’s Great Big Adventure is a thoroughly polished and superb production that would enchant an audience of any level of sophistication. From the moment the company peak through the leaves of their colourful world, they present a playful glimpse into the well-loved words of Hans Christian Anderson, captivating both children and adults alike.



Performed and devised by:
Valentina Ceschi
Thomas Eccleshare
Rew Lowe
Tom Penn

Music by:
Tom Penn

Set and costumes designed by:
Amy Cook

Lighting designed by:
Josh Pharo

Original production produced by:
Daniel Pitt for Cambridge Junction

Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_0055-2.jpg Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_0343-2.jpg Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_0082-2.jpg Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_0328.jpg Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_0016-2.jpg Thumbelinas-Great-Big-Adventure-IMG_1175.jpg
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